How to Healthy

Sometimes “healthy” feels so foreign. “Granola” is what I and many others lovingly refer to people that only eat health-food, don’t wear makeup and drive Subarus. Ok, that is a HUGE generalization and totally not anyone I have ever met but the truth is, it feels alien because it’s not how I or a lot of people were raised here in America. It’s just different… but I have also learned that I’m not that far away from fitting into that lifestyle. Once you drink the proverbial “Koolaid” (which would actually be a no-sugar added green veggie juice drink that may or may not taste like dirt…) and you start to just do it. You adapt very quickly and learn to love the lifestyle.

Why do people love this lifestyle?
Why are there tons of documentaries and testimonials and books and programs that are meant to help you dive head first into that Green Koolaid?

I know why.

Because it makes you feel so freakin’ amazing!
Because it makes you feel so much happier!
Because your outlook on life completely changes!
Because you gain hope and excitement for the future!
Because it HAS changed your life!

The thought of not eating my beloved sour straws again or laying off of my big bowls of fettucine alfredo definitely makes me question whether I can do this or not for the long-term. However, the though of having ridiculous amounts of energy, being happy and excited about life, looking and feeling so amazing and loving those around me and myself more makes me think, “How can I NOT do this?”. Do I want to be happy for the short-term only? Or do I want long-term lasting happiness?
When you put it into perspective it’s an easy decision really.

So why haven’t I been able to stick with this lifestyle, you ask?
Well, good question and that is what I have been reflecting on. I think it is because it is a change and change can be hard especially when you have to make it a habit. I also didn’t really have a plan before. We’ve all heard the adage “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. It’s the truth. I didn’t really know where I was going but now I do.

So here I go!

I am starting the 21 day Food Matters program. I just found it and it is exactly what I have been looking for. I signed up for the program and it gives you access to all of those inspirational documentaries that make you never want to eat meat or non-organic food again. There’s no better motivator than watching those videos.
**Disclaimer: No, everything in those videos is not accurate. Yes, they are dramatic. Being a health professional, I know that some things they say are just not accurate because they phrase it as an “all-or-none” concept and that’s just not how life works most of the time. I will say that most of what they say is true and accurate. (Please keep vaccinating your kids and no, your medicines are not simply poisoning you…)

I’m trying to rope my brother-in-law into doing this since we carpool and he can be my accountabilibuddy. It’s so important to have support.

So in preparation, I went to the only health food store in my area called Natural Grocers where everything is organic and farm-raised. I was very impressed. I found everything I needed there except chives. It cost me $101 for 1 weeks worth of food but at least $40 of that will last me longer than this week so the next weeks will be cheaper.

Eating organic is usually more expensive but I look at this as an investment into my life. I would rather feel amazing with a clear head than have something that I will just throw away later. We as a society spend less on food now than we used to based on percentage of income. We are prioritizing other things in life over the food we eat and our health and we are paying a price for it. What if we invested a little more into the food we ate? I bet we would end up spending much less in the long run because our body actually gets nourished so it needs less food and we will be healthy and have less medical bills or days missed from work resulting in more money in our pocket. Another perk is that eating healthy and raw takes less time for preparation in my opinion. You aren’t waiting for food to cook. When I did my raw vegetarian diet previously, I didn’t feel like I was in the kitchen at all compared to when I would cook “normal” meals. So I really love that part and am looking forward to that. We will see if this is the same.

It is what it is.
Here I go! I’m excited!

Who else is going to do it with me?!