BurnFree Works!

I feel it is my human duty to share with you the product BurnFree. I was told about this product when I suffered severe burns after a 100 mile bike ride in 2007 and I have been indebted ever since so I am paying it forward. Nobody should go through life without it and here’s why.

  1. EVERYONE gets burned at some point in their life whether it is a sunburn or grabbing a hot pan or pyrotechnics gone awry…. or you simply have children.
  2. It is inexpensive for the benefit it will bring to your life. It’s about $4 for a 4 oz bottle that lasts quite a long time- definitely enough for a single burn episode over a large surface area. Emergency Essentials has the best price I have seen right now. Amazon is twice the price right now.
  3. It is a necessity for an emergency first-aid kit. If you’re a prepper…. you probably already know about this product.
  4. It comes in multiple forms such as gel in single dose packets or 4 ounce bottles and face mask or standard burn dressings.
  5. It is sweet soothing relief on the spot for burn pain! This is the tipping point because burns HURT like the dickens!
  6. It helps heal the burn. It is a recommended product for radiology cancer treatment patients and burn patients at the hospital I work at.

Honestly, I could probably go on but the product really sells itself. It’s amazing and I just wanted you to know about it.

**Disclaimer: This product should not be used in place of medical attention if it is needed. I am a pharmacist but please consult your medical care provider as appropriate to know when it would be ok to use this product. This is not medical advice.**

{BTW…This totally looks like a paid endorsement because of my links. FYI- I’m not getting paid. This is just an amazing product that you need to have because I care about YOU.}