Break Out by Joel Osteen

I have to share this with you.

I recently finished listening to an audiobook called “Break Out” by Joel Osteen. Honestly, this is one of those books that everyone needs to read because it will change your life. Joel’s “5 keys to go beyond your barriers and live an extraordinary life” change the way you think about your life and your relationship with God. I absolutely love it. His premise is that God loves you and wants to pour out his abundance upon you but he can only do that if you believe it can happen and take the first step. It was on my digital public library so go check it out for free and see if it will change your thinking and your life!

I highly recommend listening to the audiobook because he reads it himself and you can definitely feel his heart and passion. He inspires you to live fuller than you can dream. It has helped me to believe in myself and that I have the capacity to achieve my biggest dreams. If nothing else, it gives you that excitement and hope that you can do whatever you want. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to change your perspective. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Go for it! You will be so glad you did.