21 Day Food Matters Program

I am finishing up the first 5 days of the 21 Day Food Matters Program. If you want to learn more about it, check it out HERE.
Here are my honest opinions and tips on this food program if you do decide to do it for yourself.

  1. I felt so full eating this food personally but I know I wasn’t eating as much as I normally do. It’s just filling. I also felt lighter and less weighed down after my meal. So two big thumbs up for the “it makes me feel good” factor.
  2. That “Simple Green Drink” is NAAAAASTY. I bought Barley Grass Powder ($20) as it required and somehow I thought it miraculously would not taste like grass…. I was sorely disappointed. It tastes like you are drinking minced grass in water. Gagh. I couldn’t even finish it. I was so proud of myself for drinking half though. There are a couple different options for hydration drinks in the morning.  Since I already bought it and I am sure it is a superfood and amazingly healthy for me since it is so gross, I will either shoot it in just a small amount of water/juice or put it in my smoothies as the greens.
  3. I was super surprised that the banana and egg pancakes were so similar to a standard pancake in texture and was really tasty with some maple syrup. I was skeptical but this gets an “A”. I will continue to have these likely however I LOVE Kodiak wheat pancakes so I’m not sure how often this one will win out. 😉
  4. The zucchini fritters are tasty! They are similar to Veggie Cakes that I love from Costco so I am going to use this base recipe to create my own rendition of veggie cakes. This will be a staple. So tasty and healthy. I made two batches so I don’t have to make them again later this week and I’ll have a tasty healthy snack.
  5. The turmeric coconut yogurt dressing for the roasted vegetables was also not good in my opinion. I couldn’t eat it but I was happy to eat plain roasted vegetables so it worked out. I used akorn squash and didn’t love the texture when it was roasted so I won’t do that again. I love roasted sweet potatoes though so that part was the best! I used one of my home made seasoning mixes and I’m glad I did because it would have been bland otherwise.
  6. I had some watermelon and cherries outside of the diet as my “dessert” to satisfy my sweet tooth and a little snackiness before dinner was prepared. This program isn’t “sweet” enough for me so far but that’s probably a good thing. I’ll adjust.
  7. The nori wrap was good but I could barely bite through it so it was hard to eat. There may be a better brand than I got which was Eden. I would not get this brand of nori again.

Overall it isn’t bad. It’s a little bland so I am having to spice it up a bit but it’s not bad. It’s worth feeling and being healthy.

As you may have noticed…. I ain’t gonna eat no nasty food. I like healthy AND tasty food so take my advice if you also don’t want to eat things that don’t belong in your mouth.